2019 Gaming Smartphones Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Welcome to 2019. 2018 was a year with great gaming opportunities and experiences. We hope that 2019 will offer nothing short of what we experienced in 2018. That is why our very first post is about teaching our subscribers how they can easily spot the best smartphones that has been configured for a smooth gaming experience. We also review the top 5 mobile phones that we are certain you can’t go wrong with in your gaming adventures, happy reading.

Gaming Smartphones: Getting Started

For many, purchasing a smartphone is just not an innocuous act. This isn’t a bunch of carrots, but maybe the object you are going to use the most within the subsequent couple of years. So, here’s what to watch out for just before checking out.

The design and the screen: you will have it in hand quite frequently, usually do not neglect this point! It should please you, it should be pleasant in hand and correspond for your desires. Also note that the screen plays its significance. In the event you use your smartphone a whole lot outdoors, a bright screen is important.

The image: it is actually hard to say exactly what makes a smartphone is superior in photo or not. It is a mixture of quite a few elements, each hardware and application. Nevertheless, it will be your daily backup camera, one particular that could let you to maintain memories in the best moments improvised. Do not overlook it.

The updates: we are able to not guarantee with certainty the duration of smartphone updates, but makers tend to follow a particular logic that they repeat just about every year. Study about the frequency of updates around the previous model to find out in case you can get pleasure from the next software program advancements on your next toy.

If some elements of a technical sheet seem a bit obscure, don’t hesitate to have a look at our committed guide to assist you decipher all this information from time to time convoluted.

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Five Best Phones Optimized for Excellent Gaming Experience

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

Sony is currently certainly one of the couple of companies in the industry to nevertheless pay consideration to please users looking for a compact format, under five inches. The Xperia XZ2 Compact is fantastic within this context and gives a truly high-end specification for a content material design and style, but, alas, a bit thick. Nonetheless, it’s constantly a safe bet for all those who absolutely desire to be able to make use of the simplest with the world their one-handed smartphone.

Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 can be a tiny bigger than the XZ2 Compact, and above all just a little greater, but it remains inside the category of the smallest smartphones of 2019. It differs even so from all its competition on some points. Designed totally by Google, it benefits in certain from a “pure” Android expertise, without additions from a third-party manufacturer. This also permits him to acquire updates in priority.

Note also that that is a fantastic photophone. Despite its one of a kind sensor, it manages to achieve wonders through an incredible software treatment, and this with both its principal unit with its dual front camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Successor in the superb Redmim Note 5, the Redmi Note six Pro remains a reference of the quality/price tag ratio. It can be not perfect, and we are able to blame some points like the lack of NFC, but for its price, it delivers an unbeatable general experience. It even manages to impress for its photo high quality on a segment where it really is clearly not a priority. 

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Xiaomi Mi A2 LiteThe Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite is in line with all the Mi A1. If it will not succeed him directly (the Mi A2 requires care of it), it replaces it completely due to a technical sheet incredibly close and generally the software signature of Google with Android One particular. Its largest strength, apart from its sleek interface and low price, is its huge autonomy that tramples pretty much all smartphones out there.

F1 Pocophone

F1 PocophoneThe Pocophone F1 delivers the power of a Snapdragon 845 in addition to a big autonomy. It’s hence clear that 1 is enthusiastic about him. Nonetheless, note that to offer you a price tag as eye-catching, he was forced to produce some concessions. On its certain design and style, because it can be no noble material and is content material having a plastic back, but for some it really is not a defect mainly because scratches and fragility will not be an issue. The photo excellent with the camera also leaves something to be desired below particular situations.

What is the best Android Phone for Gaming Purposes?

gaming devicesI have literally lost count of times that people have asked me about the ideal Android powered phone for gaming motives. Because the request has been coming in consistently for the past few months, I have decided to address the issue in today’s publication. So, hopefully at the end of this publication you should have a sound grasp on the ideal brands of phones that’s suitable for playing different kinds of Android games on.

Let us start by saying that there is no one best phone for use in playing games. At the end, it always comes down to the configuration of phone that you are using and also the type of games being played on the device. For instance, a particular game can run smoothly on a medium configured phone. However, a different game with a higher graphics may not play smoothly on the same device. The reason is obvious. The phone could not handle the high graphics demand of the second phone.

Configuring Your Gaming Phone for Maximum Performance

Having learnt that there is no one best gaming handset, what should become your next course of action? In our opinion, you are better of picking devices that are well customized and configured to handle HD games.

RAM – you will need to pick phones that are powered with big RAM. By big RAM, we only referring to device that are driven with a minimum of 2 GB and above. Anything less than 2 GB RAM is not acceptable. 2 GB RAM will enable the phone drive HD games smoothly with little or no hassles.

Processing Speed – Another crucial factor you should be very mindful is the processing power of the phone. Without good processing speed, a very interesting game can quickly turn into a boring and frustrating game. So, it is super important that you give high priority to the processing power that each phone packs under the hood. 2.5 GHz is a good starting point. Avoid low-end phones with lesser processing speed and power as those will only lead to poor and unsatisfied gaming experience.


By now should have already decided on the kind of phone you will acquire specifically for plaing High Definition games. What have you finally decided to purchase? Let us know your reply via the comment box we have provided below. Also, don’t forget to write for further assistance on choosing the right gaming phones.


Best 2019 Mobile Puzzle Games (#2 is Our Favorite)

best mobile puzzle gamesHello and welcome to our today’s mobile game tips!  Today, we will be talking about the top three mobile puzzle games that every gamer out there should try. Before we kick start, you should know that the puzzle game list is our personal preferences. Some of you folks may not agree with our list. That’s okay by us. But please, peruse our list and do let us know your thoughts and opinions. Also, there is a provision in the comment below for our subscribers. Please, use the comment box to share your reactions. Also, feel free to share your personal favorite puzzle games you have played or currently playing.

To Three Puzzle Games 2018 Currently Trending

Candy Crush Saga & Soda – yes, you guessed it right! Candy crush game has been trending for more than five years. With over 100 million downloads, you can be sure that candy crush is most have game. If you are not already playing the game, then you are missing out a lot of fun. Candy crush has a lot of benefits both for adults and kids respectively.

Also, there are lots of cool features built into the game that makes playing it exciting and engaging. In the game, there are different task depending on your current game level. But players have a primary task of destroying bricks. There is are different strategies for destroying bricks. The most common method is by matching at least three bricks that have the colors. From four bricks with same color and above, you win extra bricks.

Candy Crush Saga and Soda are both free games. You can easily download, install and start playing the game free without any form of payment. To get started, simply head over to Google playstore and download.

Coin Master

Another game that has been gathering momentum is the coin master mobile game that you can download, install and start exploring on your Android and iOS devices. However, to get the best from coin master game, you will need to apply latest coin master hack to unlock premium and hidden features.

Toon Blast – The second on our top trending puzzle game is Toon Blast. Relatively new compared to Candy crush. But toon blast is rapidly gaining popularity and awareness in the gaming community. Just like candy crush, your task is to destroy toon blast bricks. With the help of rockets and bombs, you can do a lot damage.

Toon blast game is available for Android and iOS devices. The game is free to download, install and play. Be sure to download the version that is compatible with your mobile device.

Online Mobile Game Generators

You can take your game to a whole new level by making use of mobile game online generator. With the generator, you can generate unlimited free resources for any game of your choice. In the next few publications, we will go into details how to make use game generators for generating free resources for any game of your choice.