What is the best Android Phone for Gaming Purposes?

gaming devicesI have literally lost count of times that people have asked me about the ideal Android powered phone for gaming motives. Because the request has been coming in consistently for the past few months, I have decided to address the issue in today’s publication. So, hopefully at the end of this publication you should have a sound grasp on the ideal brands of phones that’s suitable for playing different kinds of Android games on.

Let us start by saying that there is no one best phone for use in playing games. At the end, it always comes down to the configuration of phone that you are using and also the type of games being played on the device. For instance, a particular game can run smoothly on a medium configured phone. However, a different game with a higher graphics may not play smoothly on the same device. The reason is obvious. The phone could not handle the high graphics demand of the second phone.

Configuring Your Gaming Phone for Maximum Performance

Having learnt that there is no one best gaming handset, what should become your next course of action? In our opinion, you are better of picking devices that are well customized and configured to handle HD games.

RAM – you will need to pick phones that are powered with big RAM. By big RAM, we only referring to device that are driven with a minimum of 2 GB and above. Anything less than 2 GB RAM is not acceptable. 2 GB RAM will enable the phone drive HD games smoothly with little or no hassles.

Processing Speed – Another crucial factor you should be very mindful is the processing power of the phone. Without good processing speed, a very interesting game can quickly turn into a boring and frustrating game. So, it is super important that you give high priority to the processing power that each phone packs under the hood. 2.5 GHz is a good starting point. Avoid low-end phones with lesser processing speed and power as those will only lead to poor and unsatisfied gaming experience.


By now should have already decided on the kind of phone you will acquire specifically for plaing High Definition games. What have you finally decided to purchase? Let us know your reply via the comment box we have provided below. Also, don’t forget to write for further assistance on choosing the right gaming phones.